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Our values

We believe deeply in our fundamental values of partnership, agility and empowerment. We also believe that the behaviours mirroring these values hold as much weight as our results when it comes to assessing performance.

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We work as a team to have a positive impact by maintaining trust-based relationships where interactions are authentic and human.

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We’re open-minded and we adapt quickly to changes in society and in the lives of our clients by being flexible and creative.

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We have the ability to change things. We’re empowered to be autonomous in solving problems, taking initiative and being accountable in our decision-making.

Employment conditions that truly make a difference

Flexibility in your work

Our flexibility model is unique to each person. You and your manager can figure out what best suits your needs, as well as client and organizational needs.

More specifically, flexibility can mean:

  • Hybrid work, linking the stimulating office environment and the benefits of working remotely
  • Arranging your work schedule to achieve work-life balance
  • Taking flexible leave when it’s important for you to meet your obligations or take a break
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Ongoing career development

There are many varied opportunities for you to progress and develop, and move ahead in your career. 

This includes:

  • On-the-job learning and training
  • Co-development and pairing with other employees
  • Professional support and mentoring
  • Internal career days
  • Discussion forums with our leaders
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Your physical, mental and financial wellbeing

An offer that keeps up with trends as well as your needs and those of your family.

A host of benefits are offered, such as:

  • Competitive compensation (salary and bonuses)
  • Employee Share Ownership Plan
  • Customizable group insurance
  • Generous pension plan
  • Flexible vacation and holiday policy
  • Vacation purchase option
  • Various banking and financial services offered at a discount or free of charge
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program
  • Telemedicine service
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Inclusive, diverse and equitable environment

We foster inclusion in an environment where each person’s unique qualities, whether visible or invisible, are celebrated and valued.

We’ve implemented many initiatives to promote diversity and foster the inclusion of women, persons with disabilities, Indigenous persons, racialized persons, cultural communities and LGBTQ2+ communities.

A few examples:

  • Development of a diversified succession pool for management positions and involvement of employee resource groups working to help those who are members of diversity segments
  • Accommodation to meet specific needs
  • Policies and practices to ensure equity, the protection of rights and to counter discrimination, harassment, and violence
  • Welcome Aboard program pairing employees who’ve recently arrived in Canada with a colleague who can help them adapt to life in their new country and at National Bank
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Important: The provisions described in this summary may differ depending on the employee’s position and status. Specific conditions may apply to each program or initiative. The Bank reserves the right to make changes at any time. In the event of discrepancies with the official text of the programs and policies, the provisions of the programs and policies shall prevail.

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“The flexibility allows me to fulfil my potential, both professionally and with greening projects. With a non-profit organization (NPO) created and more than 3,000 trees planted, I can confirm that the skills I’ve developed have had a positive impact on my community, on me, and on my work.”
-Marc-Antoine | Manager, Compliance

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