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Environments where we make things happen

Where will you be working? We offer a variety of stimulating locations, from our branches, call centres and business centres, to our head office and other corporate buildings, where our passion and bold ideas come to life. You may also work remotely if your activities allow it.

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About our branches

Our branches are a choice destination for you to explore different areas of financial expertise and develop your career in advisory services or management.

All our branches in Canada are unique. They’re adapted to their local market to better serve the community, and they’re all evolving actively to improve the client experience.

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Our call centres

Our 20 call centres are a typical door into the Bank. They’re the starting point for many possible career paths in remote advisory roles, management and specialized roles.

Every centre has its specialty: banking services, investment, financing, brokerage, insurance, collections, business services and IT support.

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Our new head office

Let’s meet at National Bank Place in Montreal. The construction of the building is inspired by LEED v4 Gold and WELL standards. It Is equipped with cutting-edge technology, designed with dynamic workspaces where employees can choose to collaborate, work in concentration zones, or relax.

The building was designed with remote work in mind. It will host nearly 12,000 employees in its dynamic environement.

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Some interesting figures on our new head office




bicycle parking spaces


charging stations for electric cars


multi-functional bistros

Some of our subsidiaries

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National Bank Financial – Wealth Management

Make the most of your expertise in wealth and portfolio management, as well as financial, tax and estate planning, where the goal is to build our clients’ wealth, protect their families and plan their retirement and estates.

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Private Banking 1859

Contribute to our exceptional service offering in made-to-measure wealth management and innovative portfolio strategies for our high-net-worth clients to meet their banking and financing needs, as well as grow and preserve their assets.

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National Bank Direct Brokerage

Make direct brokerage accessible to our clients who want to invest independently.

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National Bank Trust

Offer trust and asset management services to ensure the consolidation, protection and transfer of wealth for our institutional and individual clients.

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National Bank Investments

Manage assets, elaborate or offer diversified investment solutions to help our Canadian investor clients reach their financial goals.

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Make a difference by advising clients in our Florida branches and meeting their banking and financial needs.

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