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About the process

Our goal is to provide a quick, objective and accessible recruitment process. You can monitor the progress of your application in real time in your online profile.

  • Create/update your profile
    Create/update your profile
  • Submit your application
    Submit your application
  • Candidate contacted for prescreening and/or interview
    Candidate contacted for prescreening and/or interview
  • Interviews (and assessment if required)
    Interviews (and assessment if required)
  • Background checks and offer made)
    Background checks and offer made)
  • Take up your position
    Take up your position

Take action: submit your application

Are you a talented team player? Do you want to work on a team that shares your values?

Is there a position that meets your goals, or would you like to stay informed of new job offers that match your profile?

We welcome all candidates! What can you bring to our team?

Take action and submit your application, keeping the following tips in mind.

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    Target positions that interest you
    Focus on positions that truly match your goals and skills. Applying for several positions could raise questions about your real interest in a particular position.
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    Draw up your résumé based on the position you want
    Highlight your experiences and expertise in line with the position targeted. A tip: our teams are looking for key words that appear in the job offer.
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    Prepare examples for your interview
    Identify real examples that show your level or experience in the skills mentioned in the job offer and highlight behaviours in line with our values.
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    In the interview, come up with impactful answers
    Answer concisely, leaving out irrelevant details. Use “I” rather than “we.” Have you experienced failures or encountered obstacles? Highlight the behaviours you adopted and what you learned.
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    Inform us of your specific needs
    We want to offer you an environment where you’ll be comfortable and where you feel free to be who you are. Don’t hesitate to mention any particular need that could make your interview and experience with us easier.
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"I already had a good perception of the Bank when I stopped by its booth at a job fair, as I had been benefiting from the newcomer offer since I arrived in Canada in 2018. The hiring process was simple, professional and fast. I had the warm welcome and I appreciate that my potential is recognized and that I have the opportunity to develop within this great bank."
-Yara | Banking Advisor

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"Very clear and structured process. The interviewers are friendly and accomodating making the whole process less daunting. An accurate representation of the atual work environment. Overall the interview was enjoyable." - Interview for intern | January 31, 2023

You have questions, we have answers

6. How can I change my account options and preferences?

Once you’ve created your profile (your name or “My Profile” should appear in the top right corner of the screen), choose the option you want: upload a new résumé, track your application, delete, change or create a job alert, change your password or your profile.

8. How old do I have to be to work at National Bank?

You must be at least 18 years old to work at National Bank. Exceptionaly, a person aged 16 or 17 could be hired during the vacation period or as part of an internship program recognized by their school. In this case, a person under the age of 18 cannot work between 11 pm and 6 am.

9. Do I need a work permit to work at National Bank?

Yes. In accordance with government requirements, to work at National Bank, a person must be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen or have a work permit before they’re hired. Candidates are responsible for completing these steps.

12. What are the conditions regarding the use of my career file?

The personal information that you entrust to National Bank is subject to the Privacy Policy, which is available on our website. When you sign up for our recruitment site, you’re responsible for updating your profile and making sure it reflects your current situation. You can access your personal information at any time to change or correct it.

13. Why am I being encouraged to answer diversity-related self-identification questions?

The purpose is to ensure that everyone finds their place, here at National Bank and in society. We want to hire qualified, professional people who represent the communities where we do business. The data collected from the self-identification questionnaire may be used to support our inclusion and diversity programs and initiatives under Canada's Employment Equity Act. This self-identification is voluntary and confidential. You can choose "I'd prefer not to answer" for each question. Your application will be processed regardless of the answers selected.

14. Do I have to answer the self-identification questions when I apply for a job?

No, this self-identification is voluntary and confidential. Although an answer is required for each question, you can choose "I'd prefer not to answer." Completing this questionnaire is optional and is not intended to disqualify applications. Rather, it is used to improve how we do things, particularly in terms of inclusion and diversity.

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